Cattle Farms of Fattoria San Rocco

We believe that an important factor to make excellent cheeses is to have fresh milk every morning and evening.
That's why our 500 Italian Friesian cows produce milk every day strictly controlled in every aspect of health and quality.
In our farm animal welfare is the most important thing! Our technicians ensure that the animals are nourished and live each day as best as possible, checking the quality and the right amount of raw materials and the most important thing: our fodder!
With our qualified staff, we work 588 ha of land located partly on the hills of Bologna and partly in the plainin the district of Parmigiano Reggiano.
This allows us to directly produce all of fodder ensuring a healthy and cared food for our stables.
The studies and the experience gained over many years of work have taught us that the main thing and the most important thing for a good milk is to produce fodder and cereals healthy, nutritious and free from mold harmful to human health.
To ensure this the analysis is done 3 times a week by laboratories inside and outside the company and by the competent authority of the area.


Cattle farms

Our farms in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Castelfranco and Monteveglio


Cheese Factory

Monteveglio Cheese Factory, the point of collection and processing of our milk


Points of sale

The stores in Monteveglio and Castelfranco Emilia


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